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Information on cooking

Tsukihama Kaishoku Set Meal

  • Summer menu
    Appetizer:Tsukihama Assorted Appetizers
    Script:Hitachi beef stone ware
    Structure:Assorted local fish boat
    Boiled fish:Boiled local fish
    Medium plate:Snow crab
    Deep-fried food:Fried seasonal vegetables
    Meal:Cooked rice with seafood
    Incense:Ichiroku pickles
    soup:A set of soup
    Dessert:Homemade pudding

Information on special dishes

  • Grilled sea urchin
    A special dish made by steaming and grilling Musakuki sea urchins in layers, which are luxuriously layered on the shells of clams and clams.

    2,600 yen(Service tax not included)
  • Hitachi Beef Teppanyaki (grilled on an iron plate)
    This facility uses A5 rank Hitachi Beef loin or ribulose.
    Homemade sauce with the original taste of meat.Please enjoy the melting texture.

    200g 6,300 yen(Service tax not included)
  • Keuntan
    Kiyuntan which is the best season from June to July(Long-term)
    A super limited item that can only be tasted this time.

    1 piece 1,200 yen(Service tax not included)
  • Fried eyes
    Iwaki City is a fish from Iwaki City, it can be fried off the coast of Ibaraki!
    Speaking of eyes, fried chicken! It is a dish that cannot be removed.

    980 yen(Service tax not included)

Information for breakfast

  • Aside from dinner, the day begins with breakfast.We offer a Japanese breakfast that can be enjoyed by people who do not normally have breakfast.
    We also offer various kinds of seasonal ingredients such as rice cooked in a kettle and fertilized eggs grown locally.
    After breakfast, we recommend you to check out after seeing the dazzling Pacific Ocean from the public bath on the top floor of the hotel.

Breakfast is the vitality of the day.Enjoy a set meal with a healthy balance of locally sourced ingredients.