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Banquet information

Please leave various banquets, welcome and farewell parties, and memorial services.

  • This facility is open for day trips for groups, celebrations, meetings, and legal occasions.
    Please feel free to contact us.
    We will prepare the cooking style such as set style and hors d'oeuvre according to your wishes.

Hors d'oeuvre(We are currently suspending hors d'oeuvre dishes.)

Ideal for welcome and farewell parties and parties.Let's enjoy cooking with your friends.

Kaiseki cuisine set

For entertaining and dining with your loved ones.Enjoy the creative cuisine of a Japanese chef

Information on various options

Open Hours120 minutes
karaoke11,000 yen(Tax included)

It is suspended as of January 2022.
All-you-can-drink2,860 yen per person (tax included) 120 minutes

It is suspended as of January 2022.
companion(Reservation required)16,500 yen (tax included, car fee included) Extension will be billed on a timetable basis
Flower decorationFrom 3,300 yen (Bouquet / Arrangement)

Banquet hall

We have various venues to suit your needs.