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  2. One-day dinner / group lunch

One-day dinner / group lunch

We offer various menus according to your budget.

  • Sashimi set meal 1,650 yen(Tax included)
    Sashimi of local fish,Small size,Rice,Pickled Vegetables,Soup
  • Tsukihama Shokado 2,530 yen(Tax included)
    sashimi,Grilled Dish,Boiled food,Deep-fried food,Rice,Pickled Vegetables,Soup
  • Omakase sushi 3,080 yen(Tax included)
    Local fish sushi,Salad,Pickled Vegetables,Soup
  • Mikazuki 3,850 yen(Tax included)
    Appetizer,sashimi,Boiled fish,Deep-fried food,Cooked rice with fish and shellfish,Pickled Vegetables,Soup,Dessert
  • Monthly Tsukiusagi 5,500 yen(Tax included)
    Small size,Grilled eight size, sashimi,Seasonal vegetables, fried food,Local fish sushi,Soup,Dessert
  • Meigetsu 8,800 yen(Tax included)
    We use seasonal ingredients and offer them on a daily basis.

Anglerfish dishes(November to March)

  • Anglerfish gourmet course 6,380 yen(Tax included)
    First-come-first-served basis,Sashimi of local fish,Angler pot,monkfish liver,Anglerfish vinegar,Rice,Pickled Vegetables,Soup,Dessert
  • Anko Nabe and sashimi course 4,180 yen(Tax included)
    First-come-first-served basis,Sashimi of local fish,Angler pot,Rice,Pickled Vegetables,Soup,Dessert
  • Anko Nabe set meal 2,750 yen(Tax included)
    First-come-first-served basis,Angler pot,Rice,Pickled Vegetables,Soup,Dessert
GuidanceThe meal venue is left to us.
A 10% service charge will be added separately.(No credit if less than 60 minutes)

Crew members and tour conductors can be prepared for 880 yen (tax included) per person.

About one-day hot springCurrently, the one-day hot springs are closed.