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  2. About infectious disease measures

About infectious disease measures

  • Toshimaya Tsukihama-no-yu customers using Toshimaya Tsukihama-no-yu
    Thank you for your continued patronage of Toshimaya Tsukihama-no-yu.
    Toshimaya Tsukihama-no-yu, as a measure to prevent infection with the new coronavirus
    In addition, considering the safety, security, and trust of our customers above all else, we will change our sales policy for the time being.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

    The following measures are taken at this facility to prevent infection.

    ・Virus antiseptic is installed in various places in this facility.
    ・For cleaning, thoroughly disinfect the parts that are directly touched by the hands such as the door knob and remote control.
    ・Spatial disinfection with weakly acidic hypochlorous acid water.
    ・Guidance to rooms and tea service will be suspended.
    ・Reducing the number of meals served.
    ・Opening the bran of a Gyogun Tanchiki restaurant.The bran in the private room will be removed for ventilation.
    ・Limited number of restaurants.
    ・Splash prevention plates will be installed at the front counter and restaurant.

    <Request to customers>
    ・At check-in, we ask each person to measure the temperature.
    ・Please disinfect your hands before check-in and before meals.
    ・If you feel unwell (fever/cough), please notify the employee.

    <About employee correspondence>
    ・We are strengthening our physical condition and health management and conducting thorough checks.
    ・We will always wear a mask or face shield, including when serving customers.
    ・Thoroughly wash hands, gargle and disinfect your fingers.
    ・If you feel unwell (fever/cough), we are waiting for you at home.

    We are coordinating with the public health center under the jurisdiction of countermeasures and status updates.
    We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.